Contact FAQ

We are always happy to hear from audience members, singers, conductors, and choral music lovers!  Here is a list of frequently asked questions which you may find helpful.

Where can I find this piece?

Whenever possible, we have provided composer/arranger information for all our repertoire in our programs and CD liner notes. This is usually enough for most music retailers to find an octavo.

My music retailer has never heard of this piece. Where did you get it?

Due to our mandate to support new music and emerging composers, our organization often uses unpublished or informally published manuscripts. Very often, these composers are members of our choirs or staff members with our organization.  You can contact us to inquire about a specific score or arrangement.

What about manuscripts and transcriptions I have gotten at workshops or concerts? Can you give permission for their use?

If you wish to include an unpublished manuscript from our organization in your program, please contact us first. We will provide contact information for the copyright holder (usually the composer or arranger) whenever possible. We cannot grant permission for the use of manuscripts which were given to us by special permission of the copyright holder.

Can you share the music for that Coldplay cover you have on YouTube?
Thank you for your interest in George Chung's arrangement of "Fix You". We cannot distribute or share this arrangement as it is not our intellectual property. (This goes for all music that isn't in the public domain!)

Where can I find some of the African music you perform?

The vast majority of the African music we now perform is unpublished and, in fact, not written down. We have been honoured to learn many of these pieces by rote through workshops with our twin choirs and other African choirs we have met. However, there are a few ways your choir can sing some of this music as well!

* Anders Nyberg has published a number of South African songs and song collections with Walton Music that are very well-researched and authentic.

* Leslie Music has published a set of three African songs (Nomali, Pemela, and Mambo Jesu) for treble choir, transcribed by Scott Leithead and Kathleen Skinner. This octavo should be available via your local music retailer (Leslie Music, catalog #3058)

* in partnership with Legato Music, we are transcribing and publishing several octavos of African choral music, both in SSA and SATB versions. Check out Legato Music's site here. All proceeds from the sales of these octavos go to our African Projects Fund.

* Kokopelli artistic staff often teach some of our African repertoire as part of retreats, workshops, and clinics with other choirs. You can inquire about planning such a workshop by contacting us.

I have another question not addressed here.

Please feel free to contact our organization directly. Like most small community organizations, we always have more to do than there are hours in the day, so we do ask for your patience when awaiting a reply!