We Will Have Choir!

If a choir is only about singing and performing
- there will be no choir for a while.
If choir is about:  
teaching and learning
cultural exploration and transmission
- we will find a way to have choir.
~ Kellie Walsh (Honourary Patron, 2020)

This coming fall, we will have choir. It may not be quite the same (what facet of our lives is?), but it will provide us all with a dose of normalcy, of community, and of music. This fall we’ll do our utmost to provide the mental and physical benefits of choral music while respecting the importance of our health and families. We also hope to gradually transition back toward in-person rehearsals and performances, provided the evolving situation permits.

And so, as we reach optimistically ahead toward a post-COVID future, we’re also thrilled to share the plans we have in place for this fall.

Tamariki and Kikimasu (ages 5-12)

For our younger choirs, we’re offering weekly virtual gatherings to promote vocal development, musical literacy, confidence, and creativity. Membership will include a personal music-making kit. For Tamariki (ages 7-9 -- 5-7 year-olds welcome with parental involvement!), we’re thrilled to welcome Amy Voyer as our virtual instructor (check out Amy’s amazing YouTube channel here).

Kikimasu’s vibrant conductor Carmen So (plus an online accompanist) likewise has exciting plans to keep her choristers engaged and excited, including two or three virtual choir experiences.

Shumayela (ages 12-16)

In addition to Shumayela’s weekly virtual gatherings, conductor Kim Denis (with support from Tova Olson) plans to host monthly in-person sessions for non-vocal musical activities (body percussion, boomwhackers, etc.). Singers will receive small-group vocal instruction either in-person (in a very safe environment!) or online. This combination will continue the choir’s vocal and technical growth while maintaining its close-knit group identity.

Kokopelli (ages 14-24)

Kokopelli, our flagship youth choir has innovative plans for the coming season under Artistic Director Scott Leithead and Associate Conductor Kitbielle Pasagui. Along with Òran, Kokopelli looks forward to taking part in the Bridge Choral Collective. This cross-Canada choral collaboration will connect our choirs with colleagues coast to coast, with guest artists every month, and with educational opportunities from post-secondary institutions. Kokopelli will gather online twice weekly, with the goal of an outdoor springtime concert with our adult choirs (provided  in-person rehearsals eventually become possible) or some other capstone event.

Our adult choirs (ages 18 and up)

Our three adult choirs (Òran, Vacilando, and ChandraTala) will gather in a variety of ways: virtual weekly meetings, monthly in person musical (non-vocal gatherings), and small-group virtual vocal coaching sessions. (Òran will also join Kokopelli in the Bridge Choral Collective.) Again, the choirs hope to prepare for an outdoor spring concert.

Many thanks to our artistic staff, our administrative staff, and our choristers and families, for keeping the spirit of Kokopelli Choirs vibrantly active in this coming unprecedented season.

COVID-19 Forces Cancellation of 2019-2020 Season Closers

Dear Kokopelli Choirs supporters and friends,

As you know, it’s been a tumultuous month for our organization. Although we desperately miss getting together to make music, we’re thrilled at the many ingenious strategies our artistic staff have devised to connect with their choirs online. There has been no shortage of love, learning, and fellowship.

We are also proud of our board’s commitment to carry on paying our amazing artistic and administrative team, in recognition of the dedication and loyalty they have always shown us in better times. They continue to work hard and be innovative in moving our programming online.

That said, given the ongoing crisis, the board has made the difficult decision to cancel all remaining concerts planned for this season. If the crisis eases drastically in the next couple of months, you may see some type of performance this summer, featuring at least a few of our ensembles.

Please understand that we’re deeply disappointed too. We live to share music, with each other and with our audience. We're staggered to think our performance season is over.

Because we are a community nonprofit, these cancellations cause us fiscal pain as well. We rely on concert revenues. We will need help from our community—at least, those who are in a position to contribute. 

We're also taking time to look forward to brighter days ahead. We continue to monitor the evolving situation in the hope our 2020-2021 season can begin as planned in September.

With love and music in our hearts,

Kokopelli Choirs

Help carry our song to the world!

We have thrilling, mind-blowing news, but we need your help to make it happen.

Kokopelli Youth Choir has been invited to perform as a featured choir at the IFCM World Choral Expo (WCE) (www.worldchoralexpo.com), taking place in Lisbon, Portugal in July 2019. The WCE is attended by thousands of choral singers and conductors from across the globe. The festival’s artistic committee selects just 6-10 world-renowned choirs as featured guests. We are deeply honoured to be the only choir representing Canada.

Clearly, our young artists have built an international reputation for their genuine, thoughtful, and artistic performances. We at Kokopelli Choirs are incredibly proud of their hard work, and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

As you can imagine, for an event (and audience) with this level of prestige, it is essential that every singer is able to participate, so that Kokopelli can put its best foot forward. This is not a tour; it is not a pleasure trip. Our singers are university students and high school students with part-time jobs. Some of them contribute to monthly living costs for their families, and some are from families brand-new to Canada. Others are here on their own from other parts of Canada. In short, this trip is a massive opportunity, but also a significant sacrifice.

Kokopelli Choirs are determined to help make this opportunity possible for the choir. It is our goal to cover the flight costs for each singer.

Flights are $1500. We have 50 singers. Therefore, we are aiming for $1500 x 50—a total goal of $75,000. It's ambitious, but these singers have worked so hard, and truly, they deserve our support. Choristers plan to contribute about $1200 each, of their own money, for other tour expenses.

Please consider sponsoring a singer with a donation of $1500. If $1500 is not possible for you, we encourage you to donate what you can. Truly, every dollar helps.

The Kokopelli Choir Association is a registered charity and can accept tax deductible donations and issue tax receipts. You can donate in a number of ways:
  • Online at www.atbcares.com/donate. This is our preferred method, because ATB waives fees, provides tax receipts, and adds matching funds to many of the donations. Find us by typing ‘Kokopelli’ in the search box. Enter ‘World Choir Expo’ in the comment box.
  • By cheque: Make your cheque out to Kokopelli Choir Association, leave it with your favourite chorister or mail it to PO Box 68110 Bonnie Doon, Edmonton, AB T6C 4N6
  • By e-transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If donating by cheque or e-transfer, be sure to include your name and address in the message box so we can send you a receipt. In all donation cases, write ‘World Choir Expo’ in either the comment box or memo line so we know where to direct your donation.

With much love, and many thanks,


Kokopelli YouTube video tops a half million views

Sometime on the afternoon of February 22, 2018, Kokopelli's YouTube cover of Coldplay's "Fix You" surpassed a jaw-dropping milestone when the 500,000th viewer clicked "Play." The video has been an enduring viral hit ever since it was uploaded in 2013. It has helped build a worldwide audience for our YouTube channel, with over 10,000 new views every week—and a current lifetime total of nearly 1.3 million.

To view "Fix You," click here.