Healing Heart

Our season ends with a concert by Òran to celebrate its 20th anniversary. If the 10th anniversary was any indication, we can expect a bravura evening sprinkled with inspired silliness—plus dozens of Òran alumni welcomed back into the fold.


  • Indoor masking is required at all times for patrons over the age of 2 years; no food or drink may be consumed during the concert due to church rules.
  • We strongly encourage that all audience members be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, as singing remains a higher-risk activity for spread of COVID-19; vaccine records will not be checked at the door due to the end of the Restrictions Exemption Program on February 9, 2022.
  • Kokopelli Choirs will not accept medical exemptions to masking requirements. 


Event Date 06-11-2022 7:30 pm
Location St. Andrew's United Church