Press Kit

This page contains information and resources for our contacts in the media and other organizations. Below you'll find links to some high resolution photo files as well as biographies and performance background material in Word format. Please note that use of our organization's logo is for official purposes only. For any further questions, or if you require a file in a different format, please contact us directly.
Pronunciation Guide

While we enjoy the unique names we've chosen for our ensembles, they can present a bit of a challenge for Koko-newbies! Here are a few tips:

  • Kokopelli (a mythological figure from several western North American indigenous cultures) - pronounced koh-koh-PELL-ee
  • Òran (Gaelic for the word "song") - pronounced oh-RON
  • Shumayela (African word in the Xhosa language, meaning "to share") - pronounced shoo-mah-YEH-lah
  • Kikimasu (Japanese word meaning "hear it') - pronounced kee-kee-MAHS (the "u" is silent or almost unpronounced)
  • Tamariki (Maori word meaning "children") - pronounced tah-mah-REE-kee
  • Vacilando (Spanish word meaning "to enjoy the journey rather than the destination") - pronounced vah-SEE-lan-doh

Our artistic director's last name is Leithead, pronounced LEETH-head (first syllable rhymes with "teeth"!) Our executive director's last name is Luyk, pronounced LAUK (vowel sound is the same as in the word "spout").