Press Kit

This page contains information and resources for our contacts in the media and other organizations. For any further questions, or if you require a file in a different format, please contact us directly.

Pronunciation Guide

While we enjoy the unique names we've chosen for our ensembles, they can present a bit of a challenge for Koko-newbies! Here are a few tips:

  • Kokopelli (a mythological figure from several western North American indigenous cultures) - pronounced koh-koh-PELL-ee
  • Òran (Gaelic for the word "song") - pronounced oh-RON
  • Shumayela (African word in the Xhosa language, meaning "to share") - pronounced shoo-mah-YEH-lah
  • Kikimasu (Japanese word meaning "hear it') - pronounced kee-kee-MAHS (the "u" is silent or almost unpronounced)
  • Tamariki (Maori word meaning "children") - pronounced tah-mah-REE-kee
  • Vacilando (Spanish word meaning "to enjoy the journey rather than the destination") - pronounced vah-SEE-lan-doh
  • ChandraTala (Sanskrit word meaning “rhythm of the moon”) - pronounced CHAN-drah-TAH-lah

Our artistic director's last name is Leithead, pronounced LEETH-head (first syllable rhymes with "teeth"!) Our executive director's last name is Luyk, pronounced LAUK (vowel sound is the same as in the word "spout").