Shumayela, a choir for treble and changing voices, continues to expand its horizons, develop its membership and satisfy a variety of musical tastes. The choir has toured throughout British Columbia and Alberta, performed in Ottawa at the Unisong festival for Canada Day, and in May 2016 the group was featured at the prestigious biennial choral conference for Canada, Podium, right here in Edmonton. Wherever the choir travels, they spread the joy of music-making and hope to bring communities together through song.

Recent highlights include a tour to New York City to sing at Carnegie Hall in the spring of 2019. 

The 2020-2021 season will begin with primarily online content, but will include monthly in-person gatherings observing social distancing with other safety measures in place. We're proud to offer the fun and transformative Shumayela experience while keeping our singers safe!

If you like singing, Shumayela is for you. We sing all kinds of music and it's always fun!
Elizabeth, Shumayela Member

Sing with us!

Shumayela has scheduled more auditions for the fall.

Auditions are like a friendly mini voice lesson: no experience is expected or required. We will make you feel as comfortable as possible and we're excited to meet you! You just need a device (phone, tablet, or laptop) to attend. You'll receive the link to the private virtual audition after you sign up.

In addition to Shumayela’s weekly virtual gatherings, conductor Kim Denis (with support from Tova Olson) plans to host monthly in-person sessions at St Paul's Anglican Church (10127 145 St) for non-vocal musical activities (body percussion, boomwhackers, etc.).

Singers will also participate in virtual or in-person small-group vocal coaching. This combination will continue the choir’s vocal and technical growth while maintaining its close-knit group identity.

Please note that bursaries are available, and we make every effort to ensure that financial considerations never preclude a qualified singer from being part of the choir!

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