Vacilando enters its fifth season in 2017/2018. The word ‘vacilando’ is Spanish, and refers to taking enjoyment out of the journey rather than focusing on the destination. As such, the choir takes a more casual approach to music-making, with fewer performances throughout the season than Òran, our young adult choir. The group still places an emphasis on all the things that make Kokopelli’s music-making unique, however: community, multiculturalism, choral excellence, and multifaceted performances.
I arrive at rehearsals tired from the day and I leave rehearsals rejuvenated and alive.
Hania, Vacilando Member

Sing with us!

Vacilando's spring audition session is now concluded. Please check back in August to sign up for an audition in the fall round seeking 2017-2018 members.

Vacilando rehearses Wednesdays from 7:30-9:30 PM at Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church (10815 76 Ave.)

Please note that bursaries are available, and we make every effort to ensure that financial considerations never preclude a qualified singer from being part of the choir! We also provide many fundraising opportunities to help offset touring and other expenses.

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