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The Kokopelli Choir Association is a registered non-profit society and relies on both public and private funding in order to keep the music going. Your help can make all the difference for a young singer

Help Kokopelli attend the 2019 World Choral Expo in Lisbon, Portugal!

Our goal is to raise $75,000, to cover airfare for 50 choristers. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated; $1,500 sponsors one choristers airfare.
Enter “Kokopelli” in the search box, “World Choral Expo” in the comments box.

Other ways to support Kokopelli

  • You can also pledge a monthly amount in support of our work. These ongoing donations are possible via
  • We are always seeking volunteers to help with concert production, fundraising, and many other activities. If you wish to give us the gift of your spare time, we would be delighted!
  • Our choirs have an ongoing fundraiser with Oliver's Labels (indestructible custom labels, decals, and tags for kids and adults). We receive a 20 percent commission from every product order placed through our fundraising link. This is a great way to support us while buying high-quality and useful school/camp supplies!

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